Dear customers old and new,

We have had a bit of a restructure as to how we will be taking bookings and accepting payment going forward for all group lessons.

**This will not commence until 1st May 2021.

From when we can reopen on 29th March until 1st May we will continue with our old price system and will continue to honour any payments and vouchers from last year.

We will no longer be accepting cheques as a form of payment.

From 1st May 2021

All group lessons will be charged at a monthly rate, to be paid at the beginning of each month. This is to ensure your weekly space on the lesson and for us to ensure that all available spaces are filled.

The prices are as follows

2hours pony club (members only)

£140 per month, worked out at £35 per session with a £10 discount per month for paying ahead.

Children’s 1 hour group lessons (for children that can walk, trot and canter independently)

£120 per month, worked out at £30 per session with £10 discount per month for paying ahead.

Adult 1 hour group lessons (for adults that can walk, trot and confidently canter a 20m circle)

£140 per month, worked out at £35 per session with £10 discount per month for paying ahead.

Please note with this new payment system there will be no refunds for sessions that you cannot attend. We will endeavour to find a different slot for you to join so that you do not miss out.

Refunds will only be given if sessions are cancelled by T.P.R.C. and a suitable session to make up for it is not available.

**We are using this system to help keep our lesson prices down. We believe that riding should be a sport that everyone can enjoy and by paying to keep your slot even if you are on holiday for a few weeks of the year helps to spread the cost over the year  rather than the weekly price being increased far more.

We will also need one months paid notice if you do not wish to attend your weekly group anymore so that the slot can be filled.

Taking on this new payment system does unfortunately mean that if you are in a group lesson and cannot attend weekly and do not wish to pay to keep your place then you will only be able to book half hour private lessons or join a hack if you are an advanced rider.

Please bear with us going forward. This is a big change for us too after 35 years and I’m sure there may be some teething problems as we settle into it!


45 minute lead rein lesson

for beginners 3 years onwards.

£80 per month.

**These lessons can only start from 17th May in the year 2021 as beginner riders will need an adult to help lead the pony and groups of up to 30 people should be allowed by this date.

Don’t worry . . . There won’t be 30 people! There will be up to 6 riders with one adult with each child plus the instructor.

Accompanying adults that are helping to lead ponies must wear gloves, trousers and sturdy footwear otherwise the child may not be able to ride in the session.

These beginner lessons will be split by age group as much as possible.

Your child can attend one lesson first before committing to a monthly payment to ensure that they enjoy it and want to continue or they can book a private lead rein lesson for 20 minutes at £18.

3-5 year old lead rein groups will only run from 1st April-30th Sept so that the children keep warm and enjoying themselves!

**if you have a group of friends that would like to get together to ride just give us a call and we will see if we can start up a new class for them to do together.

Half hour Private lessons

Our private lessons will remain the same as always. They are £32 per session and if you purchase 6 lessons at one time then you save £10.

6 half hour private lessons are £182.

You can be at any level to have a private lesson, you do not have to commit to coming weekly and they can be paid for as you go along.

Hacking out

£30 per hour.

Hacks will also remain the same as before, you can join them as and when. Hacks are available most days.

You must be able to confidently canter through the woods whilst ducking for trees and steering!!

All of our group hacks include canters.

Private hacks

If you are a confident rider but would rather not hack in a group or have a steadier ride then you can book a private hack. Private hacks are £45 per hour in the week and £55 per hour at the weekends.

If you are a new customer wishing to hack with us then our insurance states that you must have an assessment lesson first this would be a half an hour private lesson at £32.

Birthday parties

After 17th May 2021 we will be able to begin our birthday parties again (unless the guidance changes)

Unfortunately we cannot provide food for the parties anymore or a space for you to bring your own

We usually run the parties on the weekends at 2pm-3pm for a maximum of 10 children the cost of this is £185.

Each rider will need an adult to stay and help to lead the ponies to keep the children safe.

The children must wear trousers and a shoe or boot with a small heel (flat soled shoes like trainers are not permitted for riding) wellies or walking boots with a small heel are fine.

Adults that are helping to lead the ponies must also wear trousers and sturdy footwear (definitely no flip-flops! You may laugh but it has been known in the past!!)

We will teach the children how to go, stop and steer their pony before splitting into 2 teams and doing some fun races and games.

Own a pony weeks

These run every week during all school holidays. They are currently 10am-3pm and £205 per week.

There are always other options available. The best way to discuss your riding experience with us is to call the office on 01883 712863 and we can arrange what is best for you going forwards.

We look so forward to seeing everyone again soon.