We Have A Pony or Horse For Every Seat! 

Here at Tandridge we pride ourselves on the range and quality of all our Horses and Ponies.

We search long and hard to find the most suitable ones for the job in hand.

It takes all sorts, as you can imagine. Big ones, small ones, jumpers, steady ones – some of whom can be seen below!

They have to suit our Clients, whose needs are widespread and varied.

We try to ensure that all our horses are fit and well and available for our Clients who choose to ride them, however, horses, like people can become unwell, or lose a shoe, so please understand we may have to offer you an alternative choice on some occasions.

All our Horses and Ponies are inspected by a Vet at least once a year in accordance with the terms of our Licence.

Some of our team are shown below – but we’d love for you to come meet all of our team!