Last Updated: 4th July 2020

Hello everyone and thanks to you all for bearing with us during these strange times!

Here is an update for you regarding our lessons and plans over the summer holidays. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call the office on 01883 712863 or give us an email on (the email is not checked daily so please don’t send any urgent questions!)

If you are on social media, then please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages – Tandridge priory riding centre for further information and updates!


  • We will be inviting back riders that can ride around the arena confidently in walk and trot without a lead or lunge line.
  • If you can ride as above but need help mounting up onto the horse and need help with your stirrups and girth, then we can now assist you with these tasks.
  • Unfortunately, we have all agreed for now that we will not be accepting children under the age of 6 years old for the next month or so.

 Although children at this age are the lowest risk we do need to be the closest to them, not just for getting on and off the ponies but also for the duration of the lesson as they tend to forget how to hold their reins more regularly and as parents are more involved with these lessons we feel that it is just adding more people to the mix for now!

From Monday 20th July

  • We will be taking back new customers and current customers that are still riding with the aid of a lunge line that are aged 6 and over providing that the covid numbers continue to stay low and reduce.
  • As always, new customers will need to fill out our rider registration forms that can be downloaded from the health and safety page on our website. If you have the facilities at home to fill the form in and scan/email it back to us at that would be great. If not you could print it off and bring it along with you, or if you don’t have a printer at home then just request on booking in that we bring a form to the sand school for you to fill in before your first lesson.

Other information

  • In the next few weeks, we still ask that when you arrive for your riding lesson that you wait in the car park. We will meet you in the car park with your horse or pony. There are mounting blocks in each sand school.
  • We would appreciate where possible if you could pay for your lesson before you arrive via bank transfer with the name and date of lesson as the reference. If you cannot do this, we will still accept cash, cheque, or card. Just let the instructor know before the lesson. Unfortunately, we cannot take card payments over the phone, but we do have anti-bac wipes for the card machine pin pad and a mounted hand sanitising station in the office.

BANK DETAILS – Tandridge priory riding centre   20-88-13   03161854    

  • All members of staff have been provided with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer so if you would like for them to wear/use these precautions whilst they are helping you mount and dismount just let us know on booking and before the lesson starts.
  • We are disinfecting the reins and saddles before and after each lesson. 
  • We would like to avoid the loaning out of hats, whips and body protectors where possible at this time as we need to get close to ensure the fit of the equipment that we lend out. It also means we will have more people that need to come inside the office, so please do invest in your own riding hats and check that they are up to the U.K.’s current safety standard otherwise, we will not be allowed to let you ride in it.

The hat must have PAS 015 standard, alongside the kitemark.

 We recommend Champion and Charles Owen skull caps but do still check the standard as some online sellers may still have old stock.

 We also recommend that you get the hat properly fitted at a shop and try to avoid buying online although we know that is extremely hard in the current climate.

Body protectors if you wish to wear one (they are only mandatory for cross country jumping) should be up to current standard of BETA 2018 and preferably level 3 protection (2009 is also still accepted but not after the year 2023 so if you are buying new we recommend 2018)

  • Please make sure that all riders come wearing their own  gloves and appropriate footwear for riding (short or long boot with a small heel, flat soled shoes are not permitted for riding) a long or short whip would also be a good addition to your riding kit!
  •  Please feel free to bring your own masks and extra PPE along. There is a mounted hand sanitising station in the office, but not up by the sand school so bringing your own pocket hand sanitiser would be a good idea.